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New Revoltech Figures

Fraulein Asuka 2.0

I was browsing over at Tokyo Hunter’s Blog and saw these photos.  Instant hi-jack for my own post. ^^;;

Revoltech held their very own expo (who doesn’t?) on Halloween to showcase their current and future products with a couple surprises up their sleeves.  I never knew a company can host their own “expo”, but I’m not complaining here.  Full coverage of the expo can be found over at Tokyo Hunter’s Blog; I’ll be covering what I have my eyes on.

Looks like Kaiyodo will be releasing another Asuka in EVA 2.0 attire for their Fraulein line.  Say what?  Fraulein?  I thought they gave way to the new Queen’s Blade line.  Anyways, I’m all over this one because I like Asuka.

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Celebrating One Year of Figure Collecting


I don’t recall when I made my first figure purchase, but it was some time in May of 2008 when I finally decided to purchase a Sagittarius Aiolos Myth Cloth, a figure that I’ve wanted for about two years.  And I have to say…my wallet never looked happy ever since.  ^^;;; Continue reading ‘Celebrating One Year of Figure Collecting’

Fraulein Yoko, Choose Your Weapon – New Arrival


Fräulein Yoko just came in today along with MegaHouse Miki Hoshii and Yukiho Hagiwara.  I ordered all of them through HLJ for a grand total of ¥18,382, and this reminded me why I like ordering from them so much. ^^  It was EMS’d to me…and I’m still waiting for another HLJ order that was shipped via SAL two weeks ago… Continue reading ‘Fraulein Yoko, Choose Your Weapon – New Arrival’

Fräulein Asahina Mikuru – New Arrival


When I first read that Mikuru-chan was getting the Fräulein treatment, I told myself that I would pass on this one because I’m not much of a Mikuru fan back then.  I finally got around to watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya this month, and needless to say, my love for Mikuru-chan have not grown at all ^^;;;  Yuki all the way!!!

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Revoltech and Fräuleins – New Arrivals


Ahh, the great feeling of receiving some new loot…haven’t felt that in a couple weeks ^^;;  Post woman rang the doorbell then left the package at my door, pretty much like what people would do as a prank…light a bag of poo on fire, ring the doorbell, then flee ^^;;; Continue reading ‘Revoltech and Fräuleins – New Arrivals’

Fräulein Revoltech


It has been almost a year since I acquired my first Fräulein Revoltech action figure by Kaiyodo, the “black-sheep” of the current action figure market.  I feel that it is necessary for me to post a detailed review on the Fräulein line to clear up many  misconceptions and dispositions surrounding them.  No, this is not another comparison review, and I will not, at any point  in this review, mention the name of Max Factory’s action figure line.  Even if you do not intend to buy yourself a Fräulein, please educate yourself with more information on them ^^ Continue reading ‘Fräulein Revoltech’

March Preview to Reviews…


I was hoping that I could launch a review or two last week, but I didn’t launch anything in the end and now it’s almost the end of the month “orz  Nonetheless, readers will be in for a treat this coming week as I’ll be posting three reviews with loads of pictures and reading to feast your brains on.  Hope uploading the pics don’t kill me… Continue reading ‘March Preview to Reviews…’

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