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New Figures for July


A little late with this post, but here it is. ^^;  There is something special about this particular order, something that’s new to me.  Before I talk about what it is, let’s see who I brought for July.  MegaHouse’s Zero from Code Geass, Max Factory’s Seena from Shining Wind, and FREEing’s Uesugi Kenshin.

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FREEing Yuki Nagato Bunny Girl Version.


This is the beautiful Yuki Nagato from the hit series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.  Yuki is not your ordinary school girl; no, a humanoid interface created by the Data Integration Thought Entity whose sole purpose is to observe Suzumiya Haruhi.  That would be her, Yuki Nagato.  In other words, she is what we Earthlings would call an “alien”. Continue reading ‘FREEing Yuki Nagato Bunny Girl Version.’

Wooo…Nice Cloth


I finally got around to buying a nice piece of black fabric for my photoshoots last week.  ^^  I’m pretty happy and satisfied with the results, but there’s always room for improvement.  I’m not a fabric expert, so I have no idea what you call it…but I do know that it feels nice and is silky smooth…and costs $10/yard.  “orz Continue reading ‘Wooo…Nice Cloth’

New Arrivals (04)


Another day, another box of figure arrives with another customs receipt attached to it…  “orz  The look on Haruhi’s face says it all.  I had three orders come in last month without getting taxed, and all of a sudden I get smacked in the face with two customs receipts in two days for a grand total of $60 and change.  I’d rather spend that money on another figure. Continue reading ‘New Arrivals (04)’

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