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GSC Hatsune Miku CM Ver.

Good Smile Company was one of the first figure manufacturer to capitalize on the popularity of Hatsune Miku, the mascot for Yamaha’s “Vocaloid” music synthesizer program.  Many companies followed suit soon after, but Good Smile Company’s Hatsune Miku remains as one of the most popular figure to be released for the Vocaloid diva — seeing two re-releases in 2009.  Their original release captured Miku’s charm without the robotic voice.  It couldn’t get any better.  Could it?

It did when GSC teased us with this Hatsune Miku commercial.  Soon after, they announced that she’ll be available for sale as a WonFes/Good Smile online shop exclusive.  Her price, surprisingly, is ¥1,000 lower than the regular release.  Lovely! Continue reading ‘GSC Hatsune Miku CM Ver.’


GSC & figma Miku Hatsune WonFes Limited Version


I’m sure most of you have already read about the WonFes limited GSC and figma Miku Hatsune since it was announced a couple months back.  For those of you who missed it, here it is.  They are both up for pre-order now at the GoodSmile Online Shop until 23:59 on 1st August (JST), so order yours now if you’re interested and won’t be going to WonFes this year. Continue reading ‘GSC & figma Miku Hatsune WonFes Limited Version’



Figma action figures by Max Factory, what more can I say.  The name practically speaks for itself.  I have to admit that I was caught up in all the hype surrounding these little five inch menaces and I got myself a couple.  Well, a couple would be an understatement as I currently own nine of them ^^;  I would also like remind you that this is NOT a comparison review, but if you want to know more about the other gals…they can be found here. Continue reading ‘figma’

GSC Hatsune Miku


Good Smile Company presents us with their beautiful rendition of Hatsune Miku, the ever-popular mascot for Yamaha’s music synthesizer program *Vocaloid*.  I got her in the mail back in January and promised a review “next week”, but it never materialized because I was hit with school admission material and new job training sessions ^^;  Those are out-of-the-way now, and here’s my promised review… Continue reading ‘GSC Hatsune Miku’

Preview to Reviews


Now that some of the major stuff is out of the way, I finally have time to work on my blog again :D  First off, I would like to thank all those who comes by to support my blog and read what I have to say even if they don’t make sense some times ^^;  In case you haven’t noticed, or is a first time reader, I’ve changed the template used for my blog and uploaded a new header with the sexy Alice on it. *drools*  So what’s on the menu for the remainder of February?  Figure reviews, and hopefully Action Figure reviews if I can fit it in the schedule. Continue reading ‘Preview to Reviews’

Last week or two


I haven’t posted anything in almost two weeks now (not that many people read my blog anyways^^;), but just wanted to post an update on what I’ve been doing lately.  I know there isn’t any excuses or what-not for not posting since it only takes a couple minutes to write a post.  I really wanted to finish more figure reviews, but those take some time which I don’t have a lot of recently Continue reading ‘Last week or two’

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