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Hiroshima, the city of peace.  The city was actually out of the way for my Tokyo – Osaka route; but I really wanted to see the A-bomb dome with my own eyes. Continue reading ‘Hiroshima’


Toyota Automobile Museum

DSC08133 (1)

The Toyota Automobile Museum located in Nagoya, just outside the Geidai-dori station, houses hundreds of classic automobiles highlighting their significance in the history of the automotive world. Continue reading ‘Toyota Automobile Museum’



After some down time for the last week or so, I’ll continue with my trip to Japan last summer.  After spending two days in Tokyo, my next destination is Mt. Fuji…or so I planned. Continue reading ‘Nagoya’

Tokyo Tower


Who will visit Tokyo for the first time and not drop by the city’s icon, the Tokyo Tower.  At 333m high, it is one of the most prominent structure and most recognized landmark in Tokyo.  You can find more info over at their official website. Continue reading ‘Tokyo Tower’



Posting some photos of my trip to Japan last summer, starting off with my two days in Tokyo.  I started off at Tokyo and travelled southwest before ending my trip in Osaka. Continue reading ‘Tokyo’

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