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MegaHouse Queen’s Blade Nyx


This beautiful, and busty, brunette is Nyx from the ecchi visual game book series Queen’s Blade.  I had, and still don’t have, no spanking clue what the game is exactly about and how it’s played, but the recent release of the Queen’s Blade anime series might help me better understand what the series is about ^^;;  Like many of my recent figure reviews, some photos in this review are NSFW. Continue reading ‘MegaHouse Queen’s Blade Nyx’


GSC Chu Chu Astram


This is Chu Chu Astram from the eroge series Chu x Chu Idol, and I think she’s a vampire…a really really hot vampire.  I definitely wouldn’t mind being bit by her ^^  If I was to use one word to describe Chu Chu it would be ecchi, and there’s no shortage of that with this Good Smile Company release.  Now is the time to turn away if you’re not an oppai person.  The rest of this review is NSFW! Oppai, oppai, and lots of oppai… Continue reading ‘GSC Chu Chu Astram’

GSC Hiyori Pixy


Are you into ecchi figures?  Do you like loli characters?  Do you like pumpkins?  If you answered “yes” to any of the above, than Hiyori Pixy is a figure for you.  Brought to you by the good lads from Good Smile, this figure was released in late January this year retailing for 6,857 yen.  I find myself stocking up on more and more Good Smile goodies as of late.  Before I forget, we are dealing with ecchi, loli, and cast-off.  NSFW desu…even when she’s dressed ^^; Continue reading ‘GSC Hiyori Pixy’

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