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MegaHouse Queen’s Blade Nyx


This beautiful, and busty, brunette is Nyx from the ecchi visual game book series Queen’s Blade.  I had, and still don’t have, no spanking clue what the game is exactly about and how it’s played, but the recent release of the Queen’s Blade anime series might help me better understand what the series is about ^^;;  Like many of my recent figure reviews, some photos in this review are NSFW. Continue reading ‘MegaHouse Queen’s Blade Nyx’


New Arrivals (04)


Another day, another box of figure arrives with another customs receipt attached to it…  “orz  The look on Haruhi’s face says it all.  I had three orders come in last month without getting taxed, and all of a sudden I get smacked in the face with two customs receipts in two days for a grand total of $60 and change.  I’d rather spend that money on another figure. Continue reading ‘New Arrivals (04)’

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