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2009 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche


Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s all-night contemporary art thing, took place last night in the heart of downtown Toronto.  Nuit Blanche is an all-night art festival that originated in Paris in 2002, but have since been adopted by many other cities around the globe.  This is Toronto’s fourth Nuit Blanche, and my first time attending. Continue reading ‘2009 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche’


FigLife ~ Kagamin at the CN Tower


Kagamin goes to the CN Tower in the second installation of FigLife.  Just between you and me, I think Kagamin has a fear of heights. Continue reading ‘FigLife ~ Kagamin at the CN Tower’

FigLife ~ A Day Out With Kagamin…


FigLife, the life of figures, is the latest category to be added to my bloggg.  FigLife will take on a slice-of-life approach to the lifestyle of my figures, with something very special in the planning process.  I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I do. ^^

I’m launching this category with some beautiful photos from my day out with Kagamin (a.k.a. Fan Expo 2009). Continue reading ‘FigLife ~ A Day Out With Kagamin…’

Fan Expo 2009 Cosplays


Let’s take a look at some of the cosplays at Fan Expo 2009 starting with this super hero gathering…and a couple villains too.  Never knew they got together so well.

Captain America, Wolverine, Spiderman, Rogue, Riddler, Two Face, Poison Ivy, Dare Devil, Punisher, plus a few more I don’t know.  Like my Anime North coverage, I’ll be needing your help with some of these.  ^^;;

Continue reading ‘Fan Expo 2009 Cosplays’

MegaHouse Brilliant Stage Sakura Nanako


MegaHouse gives us Sakura Nanako, from the eroge Sakura Sakura (NSFW), as part of their Brilliant Stage series of character figures. Continue reading ‘MegaHouse Brilliant Stage Sakura Nanako’



After some down time for the last week or so, I’ll continue with my trip to Japan last summer.  After spending two days in Tokyo, my next destination is Mt. Fuji…or so I planned. Continue reading ‘Nagoya’

Niagara Falls


Took the time to go to Niagara Falls over the weekend, though the main purpose of the trip there wasn’t to see the falls itself. ^^;; Continue reading ‘Niagara Falls’

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