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New Revoltech Figures

Fraulein Asuka 2.0

I was browsing over at Tokyo Hunter’s Blog and saw these photos.  Instant hi-jack for my own post. ^^;;

Revoltech held their very own expo (who doesn’t?) on Halloween to showcase their current and future products with a couple surprises up their sleeves.  I never knew a company can host their own “expo”, but I’m not complaining here.  Full coverage of the expo can be found over at Tokyo Hunter’s Blog; I’ll be covering what I have my eyes on.

Looks like Kaiyodo will be releasing another Asuka in EVA 2.0 attire for their Fraulein line.  Say what?  Fraulein?  I thought they gave way to the new Queen’s Blade line.  Anyways, I’m all over this one because I like Asuka.

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Fraulein Yoko, Choose Your Weapon – New Arrival


Fräulein Yoko just came in today along with MegaHouse Miki Hoshii and Yukiho Hagiwara.  I ordered all of them through HLJ for a grand total of ¥18,382, and this reminded me why I like ordering from them so much. ^^  It was EMS’d to me…and I’m still waiting for another HLJ order that was shipped via SAL two weeks ago… Continue reading ‘Fraulein Yoko, Choose Your Weapon – New Arrival’

Fräulein Asahina Mikuru – New Arrival


When I first read that Mikuru-chan was getting the Fräulein treatment, I told myself that I would pass on this one because I’m not much of a Mikuru fan back then.  I finally got around to watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya this month, and needless to say, my love for Mikuru-chan have not grown at all ^^;;;  Yuki all the way!!!

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Revoltech and Fräuleins – New Arrivals


Ahh, the great feeling of receiving some new loot…haven’t felt that in a couple weeks ^^;;  Post woman rang the doorbell then left the package at my door, pretty much like what people would do as a prank…light a bag of poo on fire, ring the doorbell, then flee ^^;;; Continue reading ‘Revoltech and Fräuleins – New Arrivals’

Fräulein Revoltech


It has been almost a year since I acquired my first Fräulein Revoltech action figure by Kaiyodo, the “black-sheep” of the current action figure market.  I feel that it is necessary for me to post a detailed review on the Fräulein line to clear up many  misconceptions and dispositions surrounding them.  No, this is not another comparison review, and I will not, at any point  in this review, mention the name of Max Factory’s action figure line.  Even if you do not intend to buy yourself a Fräulein, please educate yourself with more information on them ^^ Continue reading ‘Fräulein Revoltech’

Kaiyodo Revoltech Saber


Today I bring you Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Saber figure which comes from the same Revoltech line up as Saber Alter which I covered yesterday.  Both Revoltech Sabers retailed for 2,380 yen, but I got them for different prices in Hong Kong last summer.  Continue reading ‘Kaiyodo Revoltech Saber’

Kaiyodo Revoltech Saber Alter


This is Saber Alter from Kaiyodo’s Revoltech line-up released in June 2007 and retailed for 2,380 yen.  I only started to collect figures around august of 2008 so this figure was a hard find for me.  I ended up paying about $150 HKD for this saber (approx. $20 Cdn at that time) which I considered quite pricey as it almost doubled what I paid for the Saber Revoltech.  Continue reading ‘Kaiyodo Revoltech Saber Alter’

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