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MegaHouse Brilliant Stage Taiga Aisaka

I got the chance to re-acquire this lovely  Taiga Aisaka figure from MegaHouse’s Brilliant Stage line during HobbySearch’s sale earlier this month.  I say ‘re-acquire’ because I had her on my pre-order list at one point, but dropped her after every figure on my pre-order list was delayed to August — the month this Taiga was released.  The funny thing is, I had my pre-order with HobbySearch back then; so this could be the very figure that I pre-ordered.  Instead of paying full price, I’m bought her for 60% off instead.  ^^v Continue reading ‘MegaHouse Brilliant Stage Taiga Aisaka’


Alter Louise Uniform Version


Alter brings us the queen of tsundere, Louise, captured floating graciously in mid-air while giving us unobstructed view of her pantsu. Continue reading ‘Alter Louise Uniform Version’

Alter – New Arrivals


Continuing from yesterday’s loot post, here’s more of what I received over the past week.  Three new additions to my wall are Alter’s Signum, Teana Lanster, and Louise in her seifuku.  My Alter figure count quadrupled all of a sudden. ^^;;  Teana and Signum are acquired from the HLJ anniversary sale, and Louise was from the HobbySearch sale. Continue reading ‘Alter – New Arrivals’

Kotobukiya Lucy Maria Misora


This is a lovely figure of Lucy Maria Misora (aka Ruuko Kirei no Sora) from the dating-sim turned anime To Heart 2.  She is my favourite character from the anime because I just love how she says “Ruu~” out of no where.  I would have preferred Ruuko in her “Ruu~” pose , but I am really happy to have a figure of her because she’s not as popular as the other girls in the series. Continue reading ‘Kotobukiya Lucy Maria Misora’

Enterbrain Kurumi Imari


“Ahh…Minase no, I can’t let you see me like this…ahhh!” Imari screams as Minase pulls out his digital camera and start snapping pics of Kurumi Imari in her innocent looking pose.  For those who don’t know, or if you don’t recognize the uniform, this is Imari one of the main heroine in the infamous hentai Bible Black.  Continue reading ‘Enterbrain Kurumi Imari’

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