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GSC Unity Mei


Unity Mei is one of those figures which I knew I had to have when she was announced last year, yet I had no idea who she was back then.   Is it her eyes?  Her cape?  Her hat?  The thigh-highs she’s wearing?  Or is it the effect of combining all of those attributes, stirred with a dynamic pose to create something so intriguing that I can’t resist? Continue reading ‘GSC Unity Mei’


figma – New Arrivals


Here’s the second part of the loot that I received yesterday.  Two of the newest additions to the figma family, figma no. 028 Makina Hoshimura and figma no. 034 Suzumiya Haruhi Summer ver.  I have no idea who’s no. 29-33.  ^^;; Continue reading ‘figma – New Arrivals’

GSC Loot – New Arrivals


FINALLY!! My long awaited Unity Mei.  Just received her in the mail today along with Konjiki no Yami and a couple other figures.  And I was slapped in the face with a $51 tax and customs fee, yet again… Continue reading ‘GSC Loot – New Arrivals’

Figure buy update


I would like to thank meronpan for the heads up for Alter Fate T-Harlaown preorder at Hobby Search.  She will go for 12,800 yen, and will definitely make her presence felt on display ^^  Fate will be released some time in August.  She’ll definitely make it into my top three favourite figures. Continue reading ‘Figure buy update’

March Outlook…


March is going to be one busy month for me in terms of figures coming through my doors and what I’ve planned for my blogggg.  This will be my second outlook post, which I think will become a regular monthly post, to let the readers know what to expect each month.  My first one was a February outlook, where I managed to do 3.6/5 of the items listed there. Continue reading ‘March Outlook…’

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