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Anime – Spring/Summer 2009


Which anime(s) have you been watching this season?  Is there a really good one that you would recommend to all your anime watching comrades?  Or is there one that’s so horrible one should avoid at all costs?  My post is a little late compared to others, but as they say, it’s better late then never. ^^;; Continue reading ‘Anime – Spring/Summer 2009’


Anime North 2009


I was pretty excited and hyped about going to Anime North today.  Why?  It’s the first time I’m attending any otaku related events since I started watching anime and collecting figures last year.  I didn’t know what to expect from it, yet I had high expectations after reading about conventions in other cities around the world.

Continue reading ‘Anime North 2009’

Celebrating One Year of Figure Collecting


I don’t recall when I made my first figure purchase, but it was some time in May of 2008 when I finally decided to purchase a Sagittarius Aiolos Myth Cloth, a figure that I’ve wanted for about two years.  And I have to say…my wallet never looked happy ever since.  ^^;;; Continue reading ‘Celebrating One Year of Figure Collecting’

figma – New Arrivals


Here’s the second part of the loot that I received yesterday.  Two of the newest additions to the figma family, figma no. 028 Makina Hoshimura and figma no. 034 Suzumiya Haruhi Summer ver.  I have no idea who’s no. 29-33.  ^^;; Continue reading ‘figma – New Arrivals’

GSC Loot – New Arrivals


FINALLY!! My long awaited Unity Mei.  Just received her in the mail today along with Konjiki no Yami and a couple other figures.  And I was slapped in the face with a $51 tax and customs fee, yet again… Continue reading ‘GSC Loot – New Arrivals’

FREEing Yuki Nagato Bunny Girl Version.


This is the beautiful Yuki Nagato from the hit series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.  Yuki is not your ordinary school girl; no, a humanoid interface created by the Data Integration Thought Entity whose sole purpose is to observe Suzumiya Haruhi.  That would be her, Yuki Nagato.  In other words, she is what we Earthlings would call an “alien”. Continue reading ‘FREEing Yuki Nagato Bunny Girl Version.’

Wooo…Nice Cloth


I finally got around to buying a nice piece of black fabric for my photoshoots last week.  ^^  I’m pretty happy and satisfied with the results, but there’s always room for improvement.  I’m not a fabric expert, so I have no idea what you call it…but I do know that it feels nice and is silky smooth…and costs $10/yard.  “orz Continue reading ‘Wooo…Nice Cloth’

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